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When the Mafia does it...    Its called Extortion
When Corporations Do it...    its called Price Gouging


It happened in 2008 when they confiscated over $700 billion dollars worth of your money to bail themselves out after the housing crisis…

While the foreclosures of hundreds of thousands of homes left millions of Americans out in the streets left to fend for themselves…

And right now – if you are one of the 176 million Americans with a credit score below 700?

Whether you know it or not… it’s happening to you.


And if you or someone you know has ever had credit problems, been in collections, defaulted on school loans… or even… filed bankruptcy in the past?


Then this will be the most important page you’ve ever seen

Because you just landed on the only page on the entire internet that’s going to reveal how you can:


  • finally stop all collection calls, letters, and harassment…
  • legally eliminate your negatives including charge-offs, student loans, liens, judgements, and bankruptcies…
  • even get yourself that brand new car, new home, or finally take that much needed vacation of your dreams you’ve always wanted…

We Give You Everything You Need
to learn how you can use this Secret – to get rid of charge-offs, late payments, liens, judgments, score-crushing inquiries… even past bankruptcy…

And raise your credit score so high – you’ll soon have companies BEGGING to give you financing for anything you desire…at rates lower than you’ve ever seen before…
 You will laugh out loud when you see new low interest credit card offers coming in from the SAME companies you owe right now!

 You see, this is based on a loophole within how the credit system was designed…  A loophole that can’t EVER be closed.

 Because it actually takes the fact that these credit companies are so big and so powerful… and turns it around to your advantage…

…allowing you to use it against them to wipe your credit clean faster than you ever thought possible. And like I said – it’s all 100% legal and ethical.

Here is how it works:
Buried in the volumes upon volumes of laws within our legal system, there are 2 little-known but very important federal regulations that only a few people know about…
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) & the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Hidden deep within these laws was A “loophole”  – which can allow you to eliminate your negatives permanently, and raise your credit score – faster and easier than ever What was this loophole?

Well, you see – what they found buried within the pages of these 2 laws…

Is quite possibly the most powerful phrase ever spoken…

These powerful words — used in exactly the right way — activate a powerful “credit protection system” that can instantly stop all the harassing phone calls, and rapidly dissolve away all the bad marks on your report

“Everyone who has bad credit needs to learn this trick”

We’ve compiled this program into a comprehensive guide where we lay it all out in a simple set of easy to follow, Step by Step instructions.

This guide shows you exactly how you can start using this Loophole to fix your credit 5 minutes from right now…
You don’t need to know anything about banking or credit reports or credit scores to use it. There is nothing complicated about it at all.
The guide is laid out in a way that makes it simple to execute this proven Loophole
All you have to do is follow the instructions inside, and before long you’ll see your credit score increasing as those negative marks will completely vanish from your record.

It won't take long and you will see results will be nothing short of incredible.

You Will Get The EXACT 3-Step Letter Sequence That Can Raise Your Credit Score Up To 175 Points In Less Than 30 Days
This set of tested and proven letters are done for you. You’ll send them to the people we tell you to, to remove your negatives, and raise your credit score.

These letters have worked for 1000s of our customers, and they will work for you…

They have already been written for you, and already contain the special phrase we talked about earlier…. So you never have to worry about what to say. All you have to do is fill in the blanks, like your name, and send them out.


Within weeks you will begin to see the negatives dropping off your credit report, and watching your scores rise

These letters have been used to successfully remove:
Late Payments
Delinquent lines of credit
Tax Liens
Student Loans…and even a past Bankruptcy!
These letters are not available anywhere,

but today you get them absolutely free when you grab access to "My Credit Secret"

 But that’s not all...

because I want you to get every ounce

of help and support you need when using this revolutionary proven credit solution.

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The EXACT 3-Step Letter Sequence That Can Raise Your Credit Score Quickly. This 100% Legal ‘Credit Hack’ is Proven To Skyrocket Credit Scores..." It works no matter how bad your credit is.

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So I don’t blame you if you think this offer is too good to be true… But I am happy to tell you that with My Credit Secret…
There is absolutely NO catch, NO obligation, and NO risk to you whatsoever

And to prove it to you, and show you how confident I am this system will work for you… I’d like to offer you my Double Guarantee Promise

First – try My Credit Secret out for 30 days absolutely Risk-free. Use it to remove as many negatives on your credit report as you want.

If you find for any reason (or no reason at all) that this doesn’t work exactly as I’ve described, all you have to do is send me an email to support(at) and I will personally see to it you are refunded every single penny of your investment – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


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