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According to studies carried out by consumer groups and the Federal Trade Commission over the last three decades... it has been found that 1 in 4 credit reports contain serious errors...

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What our customer say about us

This is just a small example of the great results our customers have had. We can't wait for you to join our exclusive Facebook Group "The 700+ Club" and share your stories.

Robert Gavick
Let me say first of all this program works, and if you didn't get it the first time this program without a doubt works. I brought my Fico Score from a 584 to a 721 and finally qualified for a home loan!.
Paulina Nowakowska
3 1/2 weeks into this and TODAY got notice that I broke into the 700 Club -- Note that none of the CBs are fully reporting my paydown of usage to under 10% and my credit increases . Thanks for the clear direction...onward towards 800.
Tomasz Dziuda
Yes Yes Yes. The only collection I have on my report. Prior to joining this group, I had dealt with this agency before and they were difficult. Would not take ANY settlements or even willing to negotiate. Look at them now.